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    Investing in the professional development of teachers is
    investing in the future of our students.
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    Investing in the professional development of teachers is
    investing in the future of our students.
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In his speech at the opening of the Grand National Assembly on November 1, 1925 the great leader Atatürk, who believed in the utmost importance of education for the modernization of Turkey, stated the need for the work of private initiative to reach the targeted level in education and summoned such work in the society. In the light of this vision, the Turkish Education Association was founded on January 31, 1928 with the leadership of Ataturk and the cadres that built the Republic of Turkey, and on December 12, 1939 by the decision of Council of Ministers it acquired the status of Public Benefit Association. Our Association, which was first named as the "Turkish Education Society", has continued its activities under the name of "Turkish Education Association" since 1946.

As a well-established non-governmental organization our association has been active in the field of education since its establishment and also has been aiding the education of successful children with limited financial means and has been making financial and scientific contributions to the Turkish education system.

The main purpose of the association stated in its first charter as “The association does not pursue any political goals, but merely deals with the education and training of the youth of the country", remains valid today. Today, the Turkish Education Association continues its activities in accordance with this principle.
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Step 1

Register in the system and after
logging in, please fill out your resume carefully.

Step 2

After completing your resume, determine your Teacher / Manager preferences.

Step 3

Interview and Written exam will be assigned to suitable candidates.

Step 4

You are appointed to the relevant TED school based on recruitment evaluation result. Your recruitment evaluation result remains valid for 2 years.
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